Funded Proposals

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Members Proposal Activity Students
Robert Lightfoot Building Your Path To Course Mastery, A Class Where Students Choose A Path To Their Success. Existing: CSCE 111 Both
Julie Minguez A Data-Driven Approach To Eco-Friendly Decision Making Existing: GEOG 380 Undergraduate
Andrea Roberts
James Tate
Dawn Jourdan
The Aggie - Panther Plan-Design-Build Teaching Collaborative New: CARC 489 Both
Janet Parish
Jeremy Gibson
Business Immersion For The Health Sciences New: MEID 826.B Graduate
Jorge Horacio Lara Ruiz Engineering For Sustainable Development. Inspiring New Mentalities In Engineering Students Existing: ENGR 489 Undergraduate
Alexandra Mitchell Information Literacy in The First Year Other: FYEX101 and other FYE courses in the disciplines Undergraduate
Alexander Hernandez
Mary Campbell
Farrah Cambrice
Augmenting The Reu: Incorporating Augumented Reality Into The Research Experience For Undergrads Existing: SOCI 491 Undergraduate
Heather Burte Using Narrative, Engagement, And Transformation To Support Learning In Cognitive Psychology Existing: PSYC 345 Undergraduate
Felice House
Michelle Pine
Art & Anatomy Integration For Interdisciplinary Collaborative Education Existing: ARTS 212 Undergraduate
Mohammad Rahman Engaging Students in Learning through Visual Demonstration Models in Engineering Education Existing: PETE 314 Undergraduate
Jenna Lamphere
Irfan Khan
TAMUG Sustainable Campus Initiative Existing: MARE 489 Undergraduate
Igor Lyuksyutov Science Experience For Non-Science Majors On The Example Of Covid-19 Model Study Other: Develop new labs through scientific discoveries Undergraduate
Gloria Conover
Steven Maxwell
Sheila Green
Incorporation Of Biomedical Science Teams Into Management Of Patient Care New: MEID 820 Graduate
Charles Peak From Theory To Practice: Redesign Of Biomaterials Laboratory To Be Industry Relevant Existing: BMEN 345 Undergraduate
Irina Gaynanova Structured research experiences in statistics Existing: STAT 491 Undergraduate
Robert Woodward
Michelle Kwok
Creating And Validating A Virtual Study Abroad Experience Existing: EPSY 485 Both
Andy Herring Enhanced Dialogue And Education Among New And Diverse Agricultural Partners Existing: ANSC 406 Undergraduate
Heng Cai An Educational Learning Module Of Geospatial Intelligence Other: serve as a learning module for related courses Both
John Whitcomb Enhanced Learning Via Empowerment Existing: AERO 306 Undergraduate
Laura White New Life for Old Things: Service Learning in Heritage Material Culture Existing: MAST 365 Undergraduate
Daniel Conway
Rebecca Schlegel
Amir Jaima
Mark Tschaepe
Situating Race In A Global Context: A Two-Campus Solution Existing: PHIL 332 Undergraduate
Allison Dunn The Crucible Of Context: Fortifying And Reinforcing Learning In A Leadership Studies Minor Other: Enhancing the Leadership Studies Minor courses Undergraduate
Larry May Impactful Physics Labs for non-majors Existing: PHYS 201 Undergraduate
Sandra Acosta
Jiling Liu
Health Literacy Page By Page: Incorporating Graphic Novelettes Into Stem Inquiry Lessons Existing: BEFB 476 Both
Ashrant Aryal Teaching Data Science To Students Without Any Programming Background New: COSC 489 Both
Kelly Lee Enhancing Integrated Assessment Through Tiered Clinical Assessment Supervision Existing: CPSY 683 Graduate
Neha Dabral Clinical Case-Based Animations To Enhance Student Reasoning Skills In Large Biomedical Courses Existing: VTPB 405 Undergraduate
Bradley Johnston Enhancing Critical Thinking And Appraisal Skills With Undergraduate Nutrition Students Existing: NFSC 481 Undergraduate
Zhihong Xu Incorporate Research Data Management Training Into Graduate Education Other: research data management & graduate education Graduate
Yuval Weber
Michael Nojeim
"Race And International Relations" Prairie Valley & Bush School-Dc Undergraduate-Graduate Course New: POSC 4193 Both